Shauns Electric - Electrician - unreliable

Not resolved

Hired company to do electrical work.Did not finish job and i had issues with the outdoor lighting they installed.

they will not come back and check their work to make sure its correct and that is is wired correctly .they miss appointments, dont show up and do not return calls.very unreliable. It turned out for the best that they did not finish the last outdoor lighting install. I had to get another electrician and when i explained how Shaun's was going to run the wires I was told that was not per code and the new electrician would not install the light that way. He wanted to do it correctly and per code...imagine that.

Because of this and having trouble with all 3 lights Shaun's installed I now have the worry he wired incorrectly.

My new electrician will check it out but I've paid Shaun's so this is double payments for me.What a shame Shaun.

Review about: Electric Services.

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